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Some useful and helpful tips for you buyers!


It is advisable that before you start looking for a property, you actually do your research and find out how much you can actually afford to spend on your desired property. We can assist with this and arrange meetings with some of the local banks. There are many other expenses to consider outside of buying the property itself such as the stamp duty, notary fees, any upgrades or renovations in the property etc.

Searching for a Property

There are thousands of properties available on the market however you have to be realistic about your expectations when you are looking around for property. It is advicable that you think carefully about the things and necessities you would require, such as shops, schools, public transport etc. Our property consultants will be ready to assist and help you identify the types of property that are available within your price range.


When it comes to viewing property try to be as flexible as possible. Evenings and weekends may be good for you, but possibly not for the seller. Taking a day or two off work might even help the estate agent to organise multiple viewings. Should you be interested in a particular property it is advisable that you view the property at different times of the day, so that you can get a real feel for what it is like. Keeping contact and giving an honest feedback to the estate agent is very important, that way they can get a better idea of what you are looking for.

Making an Offer

When making an offer it is important that you inform your estate agent what your position is and whether you intend making a higher offer should you the first offer be declined. Obviously, if you really like the property, try not to make very low offers as this might annoy the seller and might make future negotiations harder to conclude. If and when your offer is accepted it is advisable that you engage an architect to check all paper work and permits related to the property because an architect will highlight any possible problems that might need looking at. In the meantime you’ll need to contact your Notary to setup an appointment for the signing of the preliminary agreement and the bank if there is the need of a mortgage. The preliminary agreement is normally valid for 3 months and after the signing of the preliminary agreement the Notary would carry out the searches of the property to confirm that everything is inorder. When all searches and registrations are completed the contract will be signed and the remaining balance of the property is paid together with the stamp duty etc.

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